Our Coach

Welcome to our new coach, Narcis Gherca

Narcis comes to Fairfield with over 30 years of experience in swimming, in NZ and overseas. Many of his swimmers have broken records, competed at World Championships or at the Olympics. The youngest Kiwi Paralympic, Nikita Howarth was placed 6th in the 2012 London Olympic Games and this is what she shared about Narcis:

"Narcis Gherca was the coach that got me to London as a 13-year old Para swimmer.  He Never altered the programme for me, he was so consistent so as an athlete I always knew where I stood and what was expected from me.  When I was so young it was much easier to keep up with everyone.  Narcis recognised my potential well beyond the London 2012 Paralympics and pished me hard as he knew I had the ability to compete at multiple Paralympic games in the future."

What a great achievement for our club! We are looking forward to seeing you around the pool and your involvment in our cluc Narcis.

You can contact Narcis by email at: fairfieldcoach@yahoo.com or mobile phone number: 027 346 7787